2005/ Entry 11- Bangkok and the Departure

ImageWoke up this morning and saw that I only had one more complimentary breakfast ticket left. Whatever could that mean?? Yup, this is really the last day. I can’t believe that so much has happened in the past month!

Have been Bangkok-based these last few days. As expected, I have very mixed feelings about leaving. I have really enjoyed the time catching up with old friends and students, and meeting new people from all over the world. I will miss how conscious you are about learning a new word, cultural concept, or looking at something in a different way here on a daily basis!

Went out to Bang Boh yesterday. Just wanted to roam, take pictures and see a few people before I left. I visited the school but the principal had a very formal itinerary for me! We visited all the different departments and had presentations and mini-lessons all the way. I felt so honored! It was really sweet of them to go out of their way. It was nice having a little free time to spend with the kids one-on-one, though they were not too willing to speak English! The principal again offered me a job there including a decent salary for Thailand and a rent-free house. If life could only be that simple……  Spent time with Sumonee and Prakat at their house near the school. They bought a piece of property right on the canal and built a house with a sala. It is so comfortable there. They evidently solved the drainage problem, so that the canal does not flood during the heavy rainy time on the year! I do not recall how many times the lower part of my house would be flooded when I as here! Back then you just accepted it as the way it is.

Today, I am running around doing all the last-minute things you always do when there is “one more day” needed! Spending the afternoon with a friend wandering around the city and then back here for dinner with two former students. They both arrived in the hotel lobby with uniforms on! I was most impressed. We saluted and went to dinner at a restaurant down the lane. Well, let’s say, I had dinner, they had appetizers and beer! I had so much stuff that they had to follow in one of their cars to the airport. We were met by Reungsak at the curb as he was expecting us. He started to laugh when he saw the three bags! He asked me why I had so much stuff and I responded that he should ignore the ancient artifacts I stole that are in the bags! He just gave a suppressed, yet still over-the-top sigh. Even as a kid we used to joke around like that. As it ended up, one bag was overweight, so I had to take a few things out to lighten it up. That was fine as I had thought of that possibility and brought some nylon bags with zippers. After that, my passport and luggage disappeared for check in and passport stamping. We spent the time in the airport lounge as Saard and a few others joined us. More beer and then it was time to get to the gate. Thanks to Reungsak, they all walked me all the way to the gate. We sat around and talked till the flight was called and then it was time to board the plane.


Then it was off on the plane from The Big Mango at 12:20 AM bound for the Big Apple on the other side of the Big…. I don’t know what….. Grapefruit????

In any event, it was a pleasant enough trip back here, especially due to the three Xanax I took before getting on the plane. (I didn’t think it was taking effect quickly enough, so I took another! and then another one!) When the plane took off, I didn’t even realize it till we were airborne! Then I fell asleep before we hit the cruising altitude! I didn’t wake up till we were over Siberia hours later!


In a way, it will be nice to not live out of suitcases for a while. Even though it will be sad to put those same bags in the loft over my garage. Next year again???? I’m already making the plans!

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