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2016 Entry 5: Goh Si Chang/ Si Chang Island, Thailand

For the last few years I have been planning to go to Si Chang Island off the coast of Sriracha, a neighboring city and home of the now famous Sriracha Sauce! I woke up one morning and just decided that … Continue reading

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2016 Entry 4: The Art Shows

Since I’ve been here I have been very fortunate to visit two phenomenal art shows. The first was to a friend’s demonstration of his mother of pearl inlay work. He is an amazing artist in a media that I have … Continue reading

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2016 Entry 3: Weather or Not….. Of Cats and Dogs and Elephants and Pigs

    One morning not long after I arrived in Thailand, I walked out of my hotel to a bit of a shock. Although this is the cool season and temperatures should range from the mid- 70’s to the low … Continue reading

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2016 Entry 2 Baen Saen, Thailand: It’s Curtains for You!

I don’t understand this, but it is not the first place I’ve been to that had this issue! Why, in a modern furnished condo, is there no shower curtain? I suppose I could go out and buy one, but when … Continue reading

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2016 Entry 1: Bangkok, Thailand: The Arrival

    I always look forward to my trips with such anticipation. There are always new people and things encountered, places yet discovered, and situations that arise that test your timber. I constantly find new words to learn in Thai … Continue reading

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