2007- Entry 8: Thailand and the Finale!

I returned last week from Vietnam to the “Big Mango.” I’ve been keeping busy with meeting friends and had a reunion with some of my former students. This year was casual and small. A lot of people are away this weekend as it is Mother’s Day in Thailand.
Tomorrow is my last full day in the country, so I’m having a hard time deciding what to do. I think I’ve settled on spending the morning meditating at Wat Benchamabopit (The Marble Temple) on the other side of the City. Then possibly up to the top of the Bayoke Building in the afternoon. Dinner with friends if they get back from up-country in time. And so it will go. Spent a large part of today at the Weekend Market. There is so much to see, buy and entertain there!
 Well, to close out this year’s adventures, I’m again choosing not to get remorseful! I’ve been staying in many hotels on my 6-week journey over here. All those hotels have a lot of rules and regulations, but I found this linguistic gem in Savanakhet, Laos. I must say, II-2 is my favorite. For those of you who doubt the validity of this document, I searched high and low over Savanakhet till I found a photocopying service, so proof is available!!!
I hope you have enjoyed this year’s e-journal as much as I have in writing it. So here it is typos and all!
                                     WELCOME TO SAVANBANHAO HOTEL
I. Regulations
   1. Visitors stay overnight at hotel must be Registered and signed in the registration book and showed the pass port or identity card before.
   2. Please keep your room door locked at all time .
   3. Please keep good your valuable objects the management hotel will not be responsible for any loss or domage to such ratuables left in the room arrangement could be made to confide these items
   4. Please Check all your belongin before leaving the room. hotel will not be reposible for management will not be left behind. Hotel will give you the cooperation to seek. When you leave the hotel.
   5. In case of any loss or domage to such valuable by your carefulless in the hotel. you must be resporsible of all.
   1. Migal articles and dangerous objects are not allowed in the hotel promises
   2, Visitors will not be laundered, cooked in the room, smoked cigaretles on the bed, and made a noise to another visitors.
   3.  No moving and installing the equipments in the room no sticking the nakate photos in the room and the ground hotel.
   4.  All forms of gambling are not prohibited in the hotel., migal articles, nacotic, ICU sex, and ICU politique.
   5.  Visitors will not be allowed to meet the outbound guests in the room in case it is nessessary to relate must be permited by the receptionist
   6.  The management hotel will be closed the services at 24 h : 00 following the scheduled official time
29 May 2004
I have searched on line for the meaning of “migal.” If anyone can figure out the meaning, let me know! Maybe they mean “illegal”?
See you all soon! With or without your migal objects. The ICU sex and ICU politique is a concern. I hope there were no holes in the walls….. ICU, but not “”UC me”!
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